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Bramma IT solutions offers a series of services connected with software development, consultation, research and designing. We provide all service and support connected with development of web applications, its maintenance, and modifications. We are obliged to use the most sophisticated utility of software coding and programming complying with all future oriented devices and technologies. Compatibility is our sounded specialty which emphasizes Bramma IT Solutions as an exclusive software development firm among other development companies.

We provide dedicated online support and high quality service provisions to our clients. Our software development experts adopt future oriented web application development methodologies for our projects. Advanced custom software development, construction of software development Kits (SDK), Project management software, Content management System, all kinds of web development services such are static and dynamic website development etc are our highly demanded services.

Bramma IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is a technology service provider located in Cochin and in the Middle East with clients and customers across the global market. We are committed to provide at most client satisfaction by offering cutting edge technology and you can rely on our Design and Development methodologies.

Our tailor-made services are designed to complete development projects in the shortest time, yet deliver services of unmatched highest quality. Our services offer unparalleled compatibility and flexibility. We are fully fledged to deliver cost effective yet quality services within a stipulated time frame. Our dedicated team of experts with domain expertise has developed leading and innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Inspired Re engineering

Change is reality. Technology today is evolving fast and becoming smarter by the minute. Businesses worldwide largely depend on how well the organization adapts to change harnessing the powers of technology and the internet. Processes have to be reengineered to perform to new guidelines and expectations. The internet and information technology have opened infinite possibilities to be explored. Business transactions have become easier and the world has shrunk to become one big market. But there is lots of noise too. Only a professional approach can deliver music to the ears. An approach that is an expert in the domain is creative and innovates to meet challenges of the present as well as the future. In short, these choppy high seas of global trade can be charted for new routes by seasoned sailors.

Web Design and Development

Marketing strategists around the world will agree that no marketing strategy is complete without a powerful internet presence. In the past few decades, the web has become the happening place. The mind boggling growth of the social media which includes social networking and blogging coupled with the smartphone revolution has changed the rules of marketing and business forever. Today the diverse mobile applications have opened a million ways to get to the customer more effectively. But the web is overcrowded with millions of websites being added each year. Experts at Bramma employ the various digitals tools delivering attractive web design and effective web solutions.

In this evolving era of technology from conceptualizing your business objectives and converting them to responsive designs and developing websites that are extremely user friendly is what we do to make your web presence most impressive to the users. The versatility of our domain experts are perfectly blended with the cutting edge technologies of web development that result in the creation of websites. Our website is responsive irrespective of gadgets your customer deals with.

The complete bouquet of services includes:

  • Web Design and Development : Responsive, Appealing & functional
  • Websites with Industry standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices

Web applications

Web applications are set of program that is stored on a remote server and delivered to the users over the Internet through a browser interface. We Bramma IT Solutions fully fledged to develop a customized web application that meets with all your business requirements. In tandem with conceptual designs web applications plays a vital role in your website. Web applications incorporated with your websites results most from your business.

One of the biggest challenges of management is accountability. Managers have track and coordinate a team that may in different geographical areas and time zones. Getting real time reports from every quarter makes tracking easier and keeps the manager updated on the day’s activities. In the services sector, industries like tourism, travel and entertainment also need to give better value service to customers. Web application make all these easier. Real time reports, better coordination and cohesive working of teams are just few advantages of web applications.

Bramma has developed applications for different types of clients in varied configurations. Our applications are user friendly and dependable for businesses of any size, single location or multi location. We also design mobile interface for the apps we develop.

Mobile Applications

Mobile phone technology is advancing and popularizing rapidly. Days are gone when staying connected was the sole purpose of the mobile phones. From a basic communication device mobiles have come a long way to become an organizer, entertainment device, payment device and security center. We provide Secure, Reliable, High Performance and Quality customizable applications to suite your requirements.

Now a day’s mobile apps plays a vital role in customer engagement and customer relationship management. We help you to create a mobile app for your business.

Our technology enthusiasts with high competency in

  • Android application development
  • iOS application development

Digital Marketing

If you are looking for a combined action for your business website promotion. Still we are capable to analyze the maximum internet marketing possibilities. Once you have approved the proposed online marketing strategy prepared by our expert team, we can implement some collective activities including Social Media Marketing, search engine marketing including Google PPC (pay per click), search engine optimization excluding email marketing.

Content Marketing

In these days of technology at finger tips, the potential buyers are self-directed and quality content can help satisfy their enquiries for answers and enable you to direct them to solutions for their business as well as to satisfy their essential needs. The team at Bramma IT Solutions is experts in helping businesses like yours determine how to take your targeted audience from prospects to customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization service and generation of high quality organic visits through search engines is our another offered service by which you can grow your business with more sales and business conversions. Bramma IT solutions (BITS) is equipped with world class SEO optimization experts who follow white hat SEO optimization practices following all authorized SEO practices approved by Google web master guidelines. We provide high quality content marketing services for our clients instead of building out bound links which is highly harmful with latest algorithm updates of Google web spam team.

Digital Advertising

The advertisement opportunity in this era of digital is much wide than we think. For an immediate visibility and results among your targeted audience without any limitations of boundary, Internet marketing tools can be used.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Remarketing/Retargeting

Website Analytics & Conversion Optimization

As a company with web presence, you have a lot of information’s at your disposal. However, most of the companies are unable to identify that data and determine which metrics matter. And more importantly what to do next with the determined data.

We Bramma IT Solutions help companies become more accountable to execute and provide the necessary feedback loop to marketing using in-depth data analysis to improve business outcomes.

Our Website Analytics team works with clients to:

  • Establish metrics needed to track improvements as it relates to program objectives and measure the impact of marketing activities
  • Measure the impact of marketing activities and recommend adjustments when needed
  • Report back insights and trends which can be leveraged to maximize results

Our Website Analytics Services Include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Social Analytics
  • Visitor Behavior Patterns
  • Sales Funnel Analysis

Software Development

Diverse businesses have technology requirements that are unique and reliable to their domain and environment. While there might be ready to use products and solutions available in the market, many of them are difficult to incorporate, may not integrate with the existing IT infrastructure, or may need intensive training to get started with.

Bramma IT Solutions offers Software Development services to develop and implement custom-made softwares that are built to fit in your existing environment with less disruption to the infrastructure.

Bramma IT Solutions software development services are centered on providing high quality software that is just built to cope up with the end-to-end business requirement of the user.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

We provide Domain Registration and Hosting Services at the most affordable prices. Sign up with run time and we guarantee our clients of providing a reliable, professional and low cost website hosting service with all required features like Instant Activation, Up gradation anytime, Web Based Email and free support anytime. Welcome to the one stop source for all your website hosting needs.


Whether it be on web, print or digital media, original ideas connect better. In the fleeting 2-3 minutes, a lasting impression can be made only with unique creatives. A good creative can boost business in a number of ways like:

  • Build Sales
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Get market feedback
  • Generate media relations/PR
  • Build brand awareness
  • Build and support sales channels

Our team of experts at Bramma is chosen from varied specialities like web design, advertising, marketing and research. We create the ‘wow’ factor for your business working in close association with your marketing team.