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Tools for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing is the most popular advertising and brand propagation methods used in the present Digital Marketing era. With the software field developing each day, there are many new software and applications that can be used for Social Media Marketing. As you ponder over what tools to use for Social Media Marketing, here are some tools you could use.

1. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is an enterprise level social media management tool used by over 10 million professionals. Hotsuite can help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Hootsuite has a number of team tools that would also help your team create content for social networks.

2. Agora Pulse – This social media tool lets you schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all in one place. Plus, Agora Pulse has dynamic reports for all three social networks. You can market content and run promotions from Agora as well.

3. SocialOomph – SocialOomph helps you schedule content on Facebook and Twitter on an automated schedule. It’s one of the most powerful social media management tools on the market. Additionally, you can create welcome messages on Twitter. SocialOomph has a number of premium options that allow you to schedule photos, use Facebook, and LinkedIn.

4. EveryPost – Everypost provides the option for you to curate visual content, schedule customized posts, and share content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. This is useful for posting from your Android and iPhone devices.

5. Bitly – An url shortener and click reporting tool all in one, bitly is a great tool for Twitter with short posts, and also for tracking the clicks to help you understand how well your content converts traffic to your website.

6. Sprout Social – This is a complete social media management tool for social media agencies because you can use this premium social media management tool for multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts.

7. Crowd Booster – Crowd Booster is a social media analytics tool to help you optimize your social media marketing decisions. Instead of doing the analytics manually, get it automatically updated on a consistent basis. You can even create custom reports that can be useful for clients. Finally, use the reporting information to schedule Tweets for optimal times.

8. Edgerank Checker – A tool from Social Bakers, Edgerank Checker helps you understand the best ways to optimize your Facebook content. You can create custom content that increases engagement and optimizes your newsfeed response.

9. SocialBro – A Twitter marketing tool, SocialBro helps you with all of your Twitter needs from scheduling content, to reports, to creating ads on Twitter.

10. Buffer – Buffer is a great tool to schedule social media posts from links you share across the web. You can share posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.