Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Help you be in the race

Social media marketing is no more a need but an essential element for your business. The primary reason businesses of all kind succeed in social media marketing is that they have all of their tedious tasks systemized with tools.


Agora Pulse

This is one of the best tools on this whole list for radically increasing your engagement on Twitter, Facebook and few other supported platforms. While you are selecting the right social media marketing tool for this job, you should look for one who let you publish, monitor and engage from a single dashboard. Many people suggest Agora Pulse as a solution for managing Twitter profile

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark helps to create visually appealing and socially engaging videos effortlessly. Creating stunning images with this tool can make your posts go viral. The best part of this is ads created in this tool will get high CTR (click through rate).


It’s a human tendency that when we hear something, we are able to retain it only 10% of that information. But if there’s a relevant image alongside that information, the retention rate increases to 60%.

This is the reason why social media marketers give importance to the use of visual content marketing on social media.

Canva offers many templates which you can use to create incredible visual content for your website.

This tool is so good that it can make any beginner look like a professional with minimal effort.

Brand 24

Brand24 provides you with real-time information on all the actions taking place about your brand on social media platforms.

When at work, going to each social media website and looking for the mention of your brand can be very time consuming task. With Brand24, the task is made a lot easier. Not only does it save you time, it also keeps you alert and helps you respond to all negative and positive comments.


Nuzzel can help you sort out all kinds of vital information like contact information, demographics, interests, etc. because knowing the interests and likes of your target audience is the first and major rule of social media.

It even allows you to sort through your friends and even friends of friend’s shared post. It will always keep you updated on everything that is trending in your circle.


Creating significant and powerful content is not easy and can take a lot of time. Have you ever thought of that you can reuse the content to market yourself again?

For your surprise, 60% percent of marketers use this technique.

With Edgar, you not only can schedule posts, Edgar keeps a heap of the old content for you. This heap keeps chipping away at old content and moves it out of the cue as a piece gets republished.


Or, are some followers quietly leaving without you knowing?

Well, with WhoUnfollowedMe, you can get an accurate picture of those who are unfollowing you.

This will give you insight into whether or not your content is engaging the kinds of users you are seeking to attract.


You can get a clear picture of the number of likes received, the average number of total likes, your most liked photo ever, a growth chart of your followers, and some even more advanced analytics making it easy to track lead-conversions and send private messages just like on Twitter

Pinterest Analytics

Everyone loves to know how many people are pinning from their website, seeing their pins, and clicking their content. With Pinterest Analytics, you can quickly see how many people are pinning from your website, seeing your pins, and clicking your content, all of these stats. With the report from your Pinterest profile, you can improve on how to create your pins and boards. This tool also shows your highest-performing Pins of all time.


It allows you to manage the brand activity which is taking place regarding your brand on social media. Since, it is difficult to organize and prioritize the task , this tool can help prioritize your efforts. It helps you locate activities taking place in the social media world relating to your brand. You can filter your search using hashtags and it will show results You can search for hashtags and it will populate results by all the negative and positive comments making it a great tool to keep an eye on the social activity and get clear analytical data to work around on a real-time basis.

Sprout Social

In this busy world where people don’t have time, people always expect quick responses to their queries.

Sprout Social gives a fast and reliable way to respond to your client’s queries.

It makes your client service more professional by letting you respond to questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible across all social networks.

This social media management tool makes your communication quicker, smarter, and more efficient.

These are some of the Best social media marketing tools which will let you to increase your brand value and can save lot of your time.

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