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Reasons for using Instagram as a Digital Marketing platform

The digital marketing companies in Kochi or Kerala should concentrate more on Instagram as a social media platform for ‘Brand Engagement’. The Instagram result in higher brand engagements than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here are the reasons by which Instagram can make your brand more popular.

1. Exposure to A larger user base

Earlier Instagram was considered as a minor player in the world of social media. But now Instagram’s popularity exceeds Twitter and LinkedIn. Instagram made it to reach 600 million users recently. In a short six-month period, 100 million joined the platform. This is an impressive growth. The users of Instagram will continue to expand and will provide more opportunities for marketers to reach new customers.

2. Drive in better engagement

Every business needs more exposure. Instagram will provide more exposure through its large user base. This can result in driving more engagements which is helpful for business owners. Instagram has become a major asset for digital marketers in the last few years. And top brands are expecting 4% engagement rate from this platform in future.

3. Friendly marketing channel

There is no algorithm in Instagram which determines what the users see. So every post remains active in gallery and shows up every post. Business owners can also address customer service and support issues through Instagram’s tool – ‘Instagram Direct’. Instagram direct allows direct messaging. It helps to maintain a private conversation with the customers. So Business owners can directly connect with audience and can collect customer feedback.

4. Boost your sales graph

According to the studies, approximately 12 billion minutes are spent on Instagram by internet users each month. Internet users spent more time on Instagram than Facebook. And it has more conversion rate for sales.

You can lead the users visiting your business instagram account to the product listing page in your website. Thus there occurs a purchase by users visiting your website link.

5. A platform to be more creative

Instagram offers high creativity by its image editing features. So business owners can be consistent, run contests, engage with customers. This makes them more creative. There are a lot of filters in Instagram which helps to enhance the images. These enhanced images can be used for branding.

6. Tracking results is possible

There is an analytics tool for Instagram – ‘Statigram’. So we can track and analyse the user engagements with Instagram. We can analyse

  • How many followers we gained
  • How many followers we lost
  • Best popular posts of our account
  • Best customer engagement time
  • Best posting time