Google Algorithm Updates in 2019

As reported early, the June 2019 core update is slowly being rolled out from Google’s data centers that are located in different countries. The latest update, which will be a Broad Core Algorithm Update like the one released in March, will officially be called the June 2019 Core Update. The announcement about the roll out was made from the same Google Search Liaison twitter account that made the preannouncement.


It is the first time that Google is pre-announcing the launch of an Algorithm update.

Have you been strike by the March 2019 Core Update? There are numerous reasons why a website may lose traffic and rankings after Google rolls out an algorithm update.

In most cases, the SEO strategies that the website used to rank in SERP backfires, and in other instances, Google finds a better site that provides superior quality content as a substitution.

The analysis shows that Google continues to adjust its search results for queries related to particularly sensitive topics, such as those dealing with health questions. Following the E-A-T Update in August 2018, which is also known as the Medic Update, and E-A-T Update No. 2 in early October 2018, we see that, once again, the March 2019 Google Core Update has had a large impact on websites in this industry.

If we look at health websites found amongst the overall winners of last year from our 2018 Google winners and losers analysis, then we see that several of them are now amongst the biggest losers of this latest Google Update. For example, and each lost half of their SEO Visibility in the weeks after the Google Update.

Another clear trend resulting from this update seems to be Google favoring websites, particularly when users are searching for sensitive YMYL keywords that are able to provide a higher level of trust. The main beneficiaries of this focus are websites with a strong brand profile and a broad topical focus. On the flipside, this has meant that niche websites dealing with these topics have seen their rankings fall.

With its first official update of 2019, Google has made another major alteration to the workings of its algorithm. But how can website owners protect themselves from being negatively impacted by any future updates?

  • One of the key investments for website owners is building a brand and expertise in a topic segment so that users and Google trust the site. It also creates long-term user relationships and makes the website more independent of individual Google updates: More Direct Traffic, less dependency from organic search.
  • Follow Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines
  • Analyze your website
  • Back links can play a vast role when getting penalized. Unnatural links are often the starting point of penalties. Get a close look at irrelevant or over-optimized anchor text and back links coming from poor-quality websites. Note that if your site has received a lot of keyword anchored links, which can be fine. But, if you have created them on purpose, then that is a problem.

Hope this helped you to understand why the sites are affected and how they can recover from the latest Google algorithm update. You can add your comments

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