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Responsive Web Designing Company in Cochin

Add value to your provisions

Don’t get panic when arranging your website and its properties to attract more customers. You may get a negative impact while making your website as a colorful treat. In long run to build up a wonderful website profile which loudly specifies the quality of your business firm with colorful and attractive images and designs, you may forget to check its compatibility.

What is compatibility of a website or website page

Compatibility of a website is a quality which makes the web pages adoptable to all types of browsers, devices, operating systems etc.

If you understand about the feature of compatibility of a website, may agree to give first preference to highly used web browsers, user devices and operating software. If we analyze research report and studies conducted by higher authorities and online data centers, it will be easy to understand that most of the websites using colorful designs and high resolution images are not compatible to devices such as tabs, I phones, I pads smart phones etc. But the latest trends in device usage are against these kinds of non compatible websites.

Ask for a Responsive web designing

If you are in a start up level, your decision should be investing your money for creating a responsive website. Responsive in the sense, compatible with currently using and upcoming devices. If your web development agency is providing responsive web designing and web development services, check some of their projects completed in responsive web designing manner.

Bramma IT Solutions provide responsive web designing, SEO friendly website development services. Keep one step ahead, so that your investments in website development and designing could give you the better return in investment.

Why Bramma IT Solutions for Responsive Web Designing

We use responsive web designing for our client websites and projects. Because we understand the importance of building responsive websites which will self adopt its size according to device in which the website is opening. Day by day the devices are changing. If we analyze reports of web master tools and analytics, the change in number of visits coming from devices like Ipads, iphones, tabs, smart phones are too huge. So this is the right to make your website responsive so that users can easily open, navigate in your website with their devices.

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SEO plans and pricing by Bramma IT Solutions

Convert your ideas to success stories

Come with ideas about your business, consult with us. We can convert your ideas and built up an amazing website platform for your business needs. It is our responsibility to build up a strong visibility for your website in our first phase of search engine optimization practice. In the second phase we will optimize your website pages in order to get more clicks through rates and organic visits. At the third phase, we will execute features for user interaction; boost up time spending re visits, social media promotions for better social signals.

Our free services

Bramma IT solutions can provide free website analysis and reporting. The report will include clear communication and picture about your website such as search engine visibility, reputations, popularity, traffic ranking, detailed page authority and domain authority reports. After reporting the initial website analysis, we can develop a proposal for search engine optimization. The proposal of online marketing or search engine marketing plan will be purely based on nature of keywords identified and on basis of competition analysis report.

How we provide SEO services on affordable Cost

Bramma IT solutions adopt and implement content marketing services and strategies in our search engine optimization activities. So we can not provide low cost SEO services for our clients. But when analyzing the return in investment, you can get better ROI by our SEO. Instead of offering low cost SEO and ordinary link building we generate quality content and rich web presence for your website. If you are looking for affordable SEO services, just contact us on 0091-484-4033540 or send a email to

We will research on SEO possibilities and online marketing chances for your business. By conducting keyword research, we will fix most useful keywords through which we can bring potential customers to your website. We will identify the locations of your targeted audience. We will map the path of your audience to your website.

We will fix the anticipating visibility for your website according to the the demand, competition of keywords and its competitors influence and potential.

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Android Application Development

Android is an operating system particularly developed for smart phones and tablets under Linux platform. Firstly it was expanded and raised by Android Inc, which was fiscally supported by Google and bought afterwards in 2005. Android is coded mainly in three platforms C (core), C++ and Java (UI). It’s a UNIX like family operating system and presented Android to be the world’s most broadly utilized smart phone platform, crossover the Symbian OS.

Home screen is built in such a way that the user can swipe back and forth between the pages. Interfaces are developed in such a manner permitting the user to arrange the looks and pattern accordingly. Applications obtaining from Google Play and from different stores can reconsider the main page and even simulate the views of different operating systems.

Android is a combination (or a group) of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies. It was discovered in 2007 and was consigned for promoting open standards in mobile devices. Android is an open source and the code deliverance is done by the Google under the Apache License. Applications are created in java languages by the android software development kit. The primary intentions of Android devices are to run memory (RAM) and to maintain the power usage to a lower standard. The devices are normally of battery-powered.

Android has increasing choices of third party apps, which users can get from play store provided by Google or from other third party websites. These app stores admit users to browse, download, and update applications issued by the developers. Android is made up of a Kernel based Linux version 3.x (version 2.6 prior to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich), along with middle ware, libraries and APIs written Inc and applications working within a framework.

Android itself has a group of programmers using the source code to modernize and deliver the altered versions of their own operating system. These community programmers come up with new characteristics and updates to mobiles much quicker than the official manufactures. They also keep in hand with the former devices that stop taking further official updates.

Android phones have the potential to notify the location of the Wi-Fi access points, and helps in the construction of databases for millions of such access points. An electronic map is being produced by the database for the positioning of smart phones and granting them to run applications and redeeming locality based ads. In special cases, on sending personal data’s to remote servers from respected applications helps in monitoring errors. Android also provides in admitting the surety entrepreneurs carrying the existent gadgets and fitting them for extremely safety benefits.

We can provide Mobile application development services.

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10 Business Social Networking Websites

Social networking is not a new area for business promotion. For many years social networking websites are effectively used as successful resource for business activities. If the detailed phase in business growth of successful companies is examined, the promotion and popularity achievements obtained via social media networking websites were remarkable. The analysis may give some sort of indication of referral and re-marketing usages and clean and clear chit achieved by search engine visibility. Here I am going to discuss about 10 most useful social networking websites.

Don’t think suddenly that you are going to achieve high business growth by usage of these websites. But if you can understand how to achieve better social signals and interactions to promote your product and services, plan, develop a better social media strategy, the results will be amazing. Because the effects and results of social media marketing are not just up to any exclamation. It is a phenomena connecting being social to success with high peaks.

10 Business Social Networking Websites useful for your company

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, wordpress, Blogger, Wikipedia are the top 10 business social networking sites utilized for your business promotion.

Facebook – Influential Social Media Platform

It is the most used social media platform highly crowded with all types of audience. Facebook is the first choice of creating wide range of popularity, promotion, interactions, traffic generation. Billions or user profiles, profile pages, fans pages, groups, communities and regular audience, subscribers, group members keep Facebook at the top among other social media platforms. A user can find his old friends and relatives by profile matching similarity such as school name, place and other friends already connected with. The profile matching technology used in Facebook will suggest more friends and profiles related to your profile choice and already connected friends. A user can share his thoughts in his public profile space known as his Facebook wall, which is visible to members in his friends list. If any of his member came online and saw his sharing, he can like, share or comment about the posted or published thoughts. And the process will go to higher number of interactions such as more likes, shares, comments etc. Since it is a free platform with billions of users, is most useful resource for business promotion, popularity and web traffic.

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